While I Was Gone…

Oh emm gee! You guys, I am thee worst! I’m sorry! I have been soooo busy and I have a good “excuse” I promise. So let’s just get into it.

Well, first I am just settling into a new job that requires me to work crazy hours. And while that’s not a great “excuse” you guys have NO idea how demanding being an manager can be. It’s like I have to worry about me AND my team…you know what let me not get into the logistics. I do like my job though don’t get me wrong, I get to work with sneakers and if this is not your first time on the site you know that I love sneakers. So there ya go!

WorkNext, I GOT MARRIED! Yes, yes, you read that right. Chuc got married and I couldn’t be happier! So between physically being married and planning a “blessing of the union” ceremony I have had my pretty little plate full. But planning phasers are starting to wind down a bit so I’ll be getting back into the swing of things sooner rather than later. Coach (my husband) is making sure I do better.



So getting back into the swing of things I will leave you with this: my good friends at Mak and D Talk Tv took the time out to sit down and talk with me about PNP recently and I had a ball! Make sure you guys visit their site, follow them on Twitter and show them some love. And you can click here to hear the interview.

The Return

Alright guys, haven’t switched everything over to the “new” site yet but I couldn’t leave you guys hanging with this one!

So LeBron decided to go back to Cleveland. Did I think he was going to leave? No. Did I want him to leave? No. Am I pissed? Actually, no. I’m leaving all stats out of this one. It’ll just really be what I think and how I feel. So here’s what’s going on.



Cleveland is a young team and right now LeBron is like a cradle robber. Andrew Wiggins just drafted, Kyrie Irving with only three years under his belt. I just didn’t think Bron would want to go into a team still trying to mold themselves so to speak. But then I thought about it, this would be a good opportunity for “teaching”. Kyrie and Andrew could learn a bit from Bron Bron. They can all compliment each other as well. And then if they get Kevin Love! Good Lord!

But Bron knows that it will be a process. He’s said that he knows he’s the “old head” and that they won’t get a ring in the upcoming season. But as long as he knows what it is what can we say. I think that the whole Miami coming out party thing a few years ago (the one with the “not one, not two, not three…” speech) tastes a bit bitter in his mouth now.

I also had to think about some of the things that LeBron said about leaving Miami. In a nutshell he said that 1) going back to the Cavs was like coming home from college. He loved Miami and playing there and he even got two rings but it’s nothing like coming home. Which leads me into 2) he wants to finish out where he started. He was born in Ohio. He grew up in Ohio. He started his basketball career in Ohio. So, back to Ohio he goes.

Everyone also talks about the open letter from Dan Gilbert and how LeBron shouldn’t have went back because of that. For me, Gilbert was bitter so he wrote in his little journal and then decided to make his journal public. Nobody cares about your personal feelings sir. Obviously LeBron doesn’t because he’s back.

I am a little sad he left Miami. Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t really have a favorite team. Just favorite players. We know I love LeBron (if this isn’t your first time here then you know that’s my dude). I also like D. Wade though. I like Mario Chalmers (inconsistent self) and Chris Bosh is a good player, he’s just weird. But I’m not mad at all that he went to Cleveland. I would have liked to see him and Shabazz Napier play together though.

Sorry this wasn’t so much of a rant guys. And no, I’m not going to be a Cleveland fan. We all know I have a baby crush on Kyrie (well maybe more than a baby crush) and I will watch the Cleveland games, but I will still be watching Miami.

Guess I’ll just leave it at – long live the King.


A Little Break!


Well guys, because I’m kind of bored and because I’m still using “HTML Codes for Dummies” and whatnot I have decided that I need an easier and better way to bring PNP to you guys! So, we are moving to SquareSpace!

I’m very excited for the move because I think it will make the site look so much better! But because we are moving that means no post for a few days while I get everything done. A bit of good news though, the blog posts AND PNP shop will all be on one site now! No more switching around from site to site.

So a little break for now! I’ll be back soon! And it’ll be bigger and better than ever!

Meet the Queen!

The Queen? Elizabeth? No. Latifah? No. Queen Courtney! Meet (Queen) Courtney of a wonderful blog called QueensEyeView.



QEV is Court’s way of not only talking about sports (like basketball which is her favorite sport) but also using what she is learning in law school as well (she’s studying to be a sports attorney). Why did I want you to meet Court? Because she’s a woman and she loves sports! Duh!

So here’s your chance to get to know another lady sports lover.

1) What made you want to get into sports blogging? My grandmother is a huge sports fanatic, she knows everything there is to know about sports. She know’s athletes score record, personal information and business decisions they make. She knows football, basketball, hockey, baseball…you name it she has an interest in it. She’s my sorority sister and I want to share another commonality with her on a different level. I also am a people person, I enjoy helping others, working to figure out resolutions or better ways to save time, energy and money. Sports has always been something I enjoyed watching even if I don’t understand all the plays, highlights or reasoning. This is where the legal side arises. The law provides the policy behind why the rules are they way they are, how things come about and provide a “behind the scenes” aspect, if you will.

2) As a woman, what do you find is the hardest thing trying to break into the sports world? As a woman I think that we may possibly have an advantage to break into the sports market solely because men are everywhere, thus they need to be extremely memorable, talented or extraordinary in order to stand out because they come a dime a dozen. On the other hand, we tend to forget that women have an interest too and just because we aren’t able to play every sport men do, we can analyze and interpret what it is that we see. We tend to pay attention to detail and can recognize things that others may overlook. However, the hardest thing that we need to break through is the lack of feminism. This may sound strange, but all women who are interested in sports are not butch or want to be labeled as “one of the guys”. How come we cannot bring a feminine flair to sports?
3) What is hardest part about blogging? I wanted my blog “QueensEyeView” to be a combination of civil rights in the sports field, solely the unfair treatment between minority players and the majority, but, now I tend to post things that occur recently and provide a woman’s touch to the controversies. I like to blog on the reality of what people may not want to admit. For example, everyone has an opinion on Donald Sterling, but thinking legally, it isn’t fair to punish him for being a racist because that isn’t a crime. This is the truth but who wants to admit the truth of a matter in the midst of a controversy? That’s what I do. I think the hardest thing would be to remain neutral and not allow my personal feelings to overcome my ability to apply the law to today’s society.
4) Ultimately, what do you wish to get out of blogging in regards to sports? I want to be able to challenge readers to their learning edge. I want to be able to inspire someone to view the world of sports from a “Queens Eye View”. I believe that all women are queens and should be referred to as such. This blog should encourage a different way of thinking and being proud of standing by what you think and how you feel.
5) Who are some of your influences from the sports world? Jemele Hill is an African American woman I admire because she has an opinion and stands by it, she supports how she feels and is not ashamed of having an opinion that others may disagree with. I’ve learned that the world is filled with opinions and that no one answer is the right answer, no one way is the right way. We can all reach the same destination walking different paths, therefore, everyone’s opinion matters, if not to you, to someone else.
Isn’t she great? Be sure to visit Courtney’s site today and also follow her on Twitter!

With the Friday Post – PNP Selects…

Well, it came and went all that fast. The 2014 NBA Draft was last night and for once in a few years I can say, I was pleased. I hate watching and it’s like “Gahhhh why did you pick him?” *insert a few obscenities*. But last night, I was good. So let’s talk about a few of my favorite picks.

Draft Day

With the second pick in the 2014 NBA draft, the Milwaukee Bucks select…Jabari Parker. Yes, I didn’t start with number one – y’all know I have a soft spot for Jabari.

Anyway, this was a great pick for the Bucks (I didn’t want him to go to Cleveland anyway) and I believe he was the only one ready to come out. Parker and Brandon Knight I believe will compliment each other in Milwaukee and because Parker is so versatile they will be able to utilize him several positions. He’s tall, he can shoot the outside shot, his other offensive skills are great and he can get under the basket and bang if you need him to. I think he’ll prove to be the best pick from this class.

With the first overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers select…Andrew Wiggins. Before I start, I have to really compliment Andrew’s ensemble and the fact that Jay Williams asked him “What is this velvet?” ha! I love a good impromptu movie reference.

Now, I think Wiggins could’ve flourished with another year at Kansas but hey, Cleveland will be a good fit for him. He worried me a bit in the beginning of the season as he wasn’t as consistent as I thought he should be. He did finish the season averaging 17 points per game (a Kansas freshman-record) but was bounced out of the tournament in the first round (messing up my bracket, Jabari too by the way). I’m interested to see how Andrew and Kyrie Irving pair up. Not that I think they will bump heads but the style of play mash up will be interesting to watch.

And two more things really quick so I can get to my favorite part of this post – Shabazz Napier to Miami (traded from Charlotte), I love it! And in case you didn’t know, LeBron loves Napier as a player. I’m not one to start rumors but it’s been reported that Bron said the Heat need to upgrade all positions before the start of next season….could this mean…staying in Miami? Second, Julius Randle to the Lakers. Yeah, I can see that being a good fit. Great shooter, led his team to the championship, averaged 15 points and 10 rebounds per game and led the nation in double-doubles. That’s a good look. Now my favorite part…

In the middle of the draft Adam Silver comes to the podium and announces that the league wanted to allow Isaiah Austin to fulfill his dream of being drafted into the NBA and made a ceremonial pick.

Austin, who revealed during the season that he had a prosthetic eye, was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects the heart. Learning about the disordered ended his basketball career.

Austin’s name was announced, he was given a NBA cap and walked up on the stage to shake the commissioner’s hand and take pictures, just like every other player drafted.

Isaiah Austin

I applaud the NBA and Adam Silver for this moment. It was great that they did that for that young man.

Well, now that the draft is over that mess tow things. One, NBA Summer League is getting ready to begin. And two, FOOTBALL SEASON IS GETTING READY TO CREEP UP ON US!

Don’t you just love sports?