My Saturday – Color Vibe 5K Charlotte Edition

I hope you guys had a great Saturday, because I’m here to tell you how mine was (yes, I’m taking a small break from sports for a moment).

So I had the pleasure of partaking in a 5K today called Color Vibe! Top ten funnest things I’ve ever done I swear! There’s music and dancing and silly outfits and of courseĀ COLOR!

I had the pleasure of doing this with my two good friends Elana (@Elana_Briere) and Danielle (@BrwnEyedBeauty) and even though we had to be awake at like six this morning we had way too much fun.


Basically what happens is that at the beginning of the race they “splash” you with color and you begin. Every mile or so there is a color station where they blast you WITH MORE COLOR! And then when it’s over there’s a party where they give you color packets that you and your friends and the other people that are there can just throw it up and dance and carry on like there are zero cares in the world!


So here’s what I suggest – go to the Color Vibe website and see when the run is coming to a city near you! It really is a great experience. You get a workout, you have an excuse to act like a kid and dance (who doesn’t love to dance?!?)!

I mean if you don’t believe me, see for yourself:

Double Trouble

March Madness is over! Winning their fourth national championship the UConn Huskies defeated Kentucky Monday night, the season after being kept out the tournament due to poor academic standing.

Senior guard Shabazz Napier was dominate totaling 22 points and six rebounds while junior guard Ryan Boatright came in with 14 points, three assists and three rebounds in the 60-54 victory.


As if the men’s victory wasn’t enough, the women of UConn captured their ninth national championship on Tuesday night.

“It’s history being made,” Boatright said. “It’s only happened one other time and that was in ’04, and I’m glad to be a part of this.” (

The Lady Huskies simply dismantled Notre Dame in the battle of the unbeaten teams. A perfect season for Coach Geno and Co.

Lady Huskies

Senior Stefanie Dolson played her last game and finished with 18 points and seven rebounds. National player of the year Breanna Stewart recorded 21 points and nine rebounds while All-American Bria Hartley ended her collegiate career with 13 points.

Congratulations to both Huskies’ teams.

But did you not think I was going to talk about this dunk? The Kentucky dunk? Then you don’t know me at all!

This Is For The Ladies: #TBWPrelaunch

So I know that this is a sports blog but if you can’t tell from the title (PUMPS and Penalties) I have a “girly” side. My mom always says I’m a prissy tomboy and that’s fine. Anyway, the girly side of me is excited to introduce you to The Blogger Wears Prada!


#TBWP is actually a blog started by one of my best friends CeeCee and is pretty much all of the girly stuff you could imagine. It has a Do It Yourself section, make-up, fashion and hair. It touches on seasonal fashions and make-up, events in the couture world, natural hair tips, etc.


So right now if you visit TBWP it is limited content only because *drum roll* the site will be re-launched on May 3rd! And what better way to celebrate a re-launch than with a giveaway!

TBWP Giveaway 2 TBWP Giveaway

So here’s what you do:

1. Follow the website here!

2. Follow the site’s Twitter and Instagram pages – @official_tbwp!

3. Take a picture of your best Outfit Of The Day (#OOTD) and tag #TBWPrelaunch!

Two winners will have the pleasure of receiving either the Naked 3 Pallet by Urban Decay with a 5-piece brush set from Sephora or three of MAC’s best selling lipsticks – Ruby Woo (yes, the Rihanna lipstick), Lady Danger and Please Me!

Not only will the winners receive these great gifts but their outfits will also be featured on the site! Now, don’t you want your style to be featured on a fashion blog AND get some great free makeup? *runs to closet to find best outfit*

Anyway, be sure to visit TBWP now to get a taste of what you’ll get in May!

Happy fashion-ing!



They’re Getting Younger: Seventh Woods

In the spirit of basketball season coming to an end I wanted to bestow upon you guys this serious find – Seventh Woods.

Through the joys of YouTube, I found this gem of a sophomore who has been playing varsity since he was in the eighth grade.

Seventh Woods

The 6-2, Columbia, SC native averaged 20 points this season and has already received offers from Clemson, UNC, the University of South Carolina and Wichita State. Clearly, he’s undecided as he’s still has some time left but everyone needs to keep their eyes on this one.

Woods of course is in the class of 2016′s top 25 rankings but he still has some time to go and I’m sure that he will give us some great highlights over the next two years. With the right development he’ll probably be the number one recruit out of that class, in my opinion.

I mean, just watch for yourself:

Becoming Sane: The Madness Is Almost Over

It’s almost over folks. The longest, most upsetting March Madness ever – literally!

Lots of overtime, No.1 seeds tumbling down and more tears than I think I’ve ever seen. And it all comes down to the #FinalFour.

final four

I’m slightly embarrassed to say I do not have a single team remaining in the tournament (and I’m supposed to know sports, right?) and this was not a good year for my bracket. But there has been some really good games leading to this point. Anyway, let’s look at the match-ups.

UConn/Florida. Did I think either of these teams would be here? Obviously not, cause then my bracket wouldn’t be…..never mind. So fun fact: Florida was on 30-game winning streak which ended Dec. 2 to UConn. Revenge much? Do you know how many broken hearts I saw yesterday when the Huskies took down Michigan State? I’ve never seen so much sorrow in one place. However, Florida remains the only No. 1 seed left in this interesting tournament.

This should actually be a pretty good game. UConn’s last championship was in 2011 and they are hungry. Not to mention a Final Four appearance coming the season after being barred from the tournament due to poor academic standing scored.


And can we talk about Shabazz Napier for a second? Averaging 23 ppg in the tournament, had a huge game for the Huskies against Michigan State with 25 points and 6 rebounds. I just love the way this guy plays. That 3-point shot he has, he drains that ball like it’s easy.

Needless to say, I’m going with UConn in this matchup.

Now, Wisconsin/Kentucky. Let me just say now, I would like to see Kentucky win because I really like how this young team has so much chemistry. I mean yeah, they’re a team and that’s what’s supposed to happen but how many “Fab Five”-esque teams do you know in this position?

Julius Randle

And Julius Randle? A beast!

But we can’t not (yes, double negative, sue me) talk about Wisconsin. Bo Ryan’s first Final appearance in 13 seasons. Frank Kaminsky scored a game-high 28 points in the overtime win over Arizona on Saturday. The Badgers are looking to capture their first NCAA championship since……1941! So uh, yeah, can we say overdue?

Bo and Frank

So in a nutshell, I want it to be UConn and Kentucky in the championship but we might really see Florida/Kentucky part four. Which will be a good game too but geez can we switch it up a bit?

Sidenote: we are less than 30 days away from celebrating the PNP one-year anniversary! I can not express how excited I am into words so I’ve decided to share this song with you all! Hope to see everyone there!